Submit Your Plugin, Theme or Site for Review


Yes that’s right, you can submit your plugin, theme or site to WPCandy and if we like it we’ll write an article about it. It’s that simple.

Everything that is submitted is reviewed and then we will decide whether or not to make a post about it.
So if you’ve just released something fabulous and new for WordPress then send us a link and a bit of information about what it is and what it does and we’ll get back in contact with you if and when we post an article about it.

This is a great way to help you get your plugin, theme or site out into the digital world and with this site being directed at WordPress material it won’t get lost in a wilderness of articles that involve them trying to convince you to buy money making ebooks, etc.

So where is this submit page? Well take a look up at the navigation and you will see a link to the submit page or if you’re too lazy to move your mouse up you can always click here.

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