StudioPress releases Tapestry, its first Child Theme with Post Format support


After the long-awaited release of WordPress 3.1 that introduced the much talked about Post Formats, StudioPress announced Tapestry last week, their latest Child Theme for Genesis. Tapestry adds support for all the available post formats, which will be ideal for anyone wanting to do down the Tumblr-style of blog, and comes in a nice blue-ish colour. From the announcement post:

We’re also pleased to announce that this is the first of what will be many Tumblog-style child themes for Genesis. With the release of WordPress 3.1 which includes post formats, we want to take full advantage of the awesomeness that WordPress provides.

Says Brian Gardner, who also goes on to mention in the comments:

Believe it or not, this theme has been done for a few months now – was waiting for WP 3.1 to come out and the right time to launch.

If you are interested in Tapestry and already a StudioPress customer, then you can grab a copy for just $24.95 or $79.95 if you need access to the Genesis Framework too. Take a look at the live demo, or you can visit the release post for more info.

This is one of only a few post format enabled themes to come out since the functionality was introduced in WordPress verison 3.1. What do you think of their implementation, and do you think we’ll see more post format-enabled themes soon?

8 thoughts on “StudioPress releases Tapestry, its first Child Theme with Post Format support

  1. I am looking forward to StudioPress & others to put out more themes with post formats. That way I can see what they are doing and build upon it.

    I am not a full time, or even really a part time developer, but I do like coming up with creative ways to use WordPress to do stuff for myself and my clients, but don’t have time to seek out examples, or play enough to figure out the basics.

    Based on the demo, I am not sure that my understanding of “audio” is the same as StudioPress, seems to be more of a “link” thing then presenting Audio content.

    • I know StudioPress are working on another Child Theme that’s been designed around Post Formats, take a look at a teaser Brian Gardner posted right at the start of the month, even before Tapestry was released!

      Rafal Tomal also posted another teaser a few days later showing how the comments section would look, and I like what I’m seeing, so roll on the release of that.

  2. yip not too shabby at all – I’m surprised at how few themes have been released thus far incorporating post formats.

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  4. Post format?
    Who knew?
    Why isn’t it standard in twenty-ten?
    The WordPressian overlords under perform again.

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