StudioPress launches managed hosting for Genesis users


This morning Copyblogger Media, via their StudioPress property, announced the launch of their new managed hosting service Synthesis. This new service offers hosting exclusively for StudioPress customers using the Genesis theme framework.

Explaining the reasoning behind the new service, Brian Gardner said that it was simply a matter of offering to others what they have built up for their own use:

With a user base of more than 58,000 people, we’re frequently asked for recommendations on high quality web hosting. Since we took the hosting for Copyblogger Media in-house earlier this year, we can’t really recommend something we don’t use.

So we’re offering you the exact hosting services that we use for our own high-traffic sites.

Interestingly, this is the first hosting service I know of that is requiring a specific theme from one provider in order to host with them. In anticipation of this question, the first question answered on their FAQ is about just that. They say that “Synthesis is specifically designed and optimized for the Genesis Framework,” and that they are able to “offer better WordPress hosting by eliminating rogue variables at the design level.”

Getting started with Synthesis will cost $47 per month, which will get you one site and three gigs of storage. That goes up to $249 per month, which will give you five sites and considerably more resources, though currently Synthesis doesn’t offer Multisite hosting options. Along with the launch Gardner has posted a 20% discount code for anyone who wants to get started before October 28th.

Out of curiosity, I compared the pricing of Synthesis to a couple of other popular WordPress-specific hosts. The entry level at Synthesis is more expensive than’s entry level, and slightly less than WPEngine’s first level. Granted, both and WPEngine don’t require particular themes to host with them, but they are likely the closest competitors we have for pricing comparison.

For more about what Synthesis offers in detail, be sure to check out their features page.

For the Genesis folks out there: is Synthesis something you’re interested in using? And in addition, do you think theme-specific hosting is where WordPress hosting is headed?

12 thoughts on “StudioPress launches managed hosting for Genesis users

  1. Wow.
    I had no idea. I guess I’m in the wrong business.
    I’m thinking that starting a WordPress only hosting business sure beats the heck out of working.

  2. I am so getting this! No way a managed VPS could compete with the shear speed, custom tuning, bulletproof security, and massive disk space of Synthesis. My freshly purchased, “Bee Crafty” child theme has just found a home!

    • Now THAT’s what I’m talking about. 😉

      We really enjoy when people find the value in what we are doing. Even my personal site is running on Synthesis, and I’ve noticed a huge increase in page load speed.

  3. Interesting offer for sure. Copyblogger Media has a very devoted following, many of whom seem more than willing to buy anything they offer (myself included). I’m not ready to hop on board this one quite yet though.

    It seems like a nice option and I’m sure I’ll consider it in the future assuming scale and traffic increase. I just wonder how many current Genesis users would jump ship from their current host, and just as important, how many future Genesis users would want to get started with such a premium (high priced) service.

    Should be an interesting one to watch develop.

  4. I love this from a business standpoint. Imagine you have 50,000 customers and they all need something. And then you begin the provide that something for them. SHAZAM!!!

  5. I’m a developer/designer and work almost exlusively with Genesis and when I saw this I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Purchased the service about 8:00pm last night, did the Backupbuddy magic, set my new dns and the site was live by 10:00pm. The only drawback is no email. I switched to gmail as they suggested and that seems to be working out ok, a little slow. I had to contact service a couple of times regarding w3totalcache. They were fast and curteous. There is a slight learning curve for those who aren’t unix savy, though. There are no “cpanel like” tools. SSH, SFTP is it! Overall I’m pleased so far.

  6. Gosh, I almost died with shock after looking at the price. I guess it’s only targeted at the serious bloggers who are already making money to afford it.

    • I’ll admit, the prices aren’t for everyone. We’re not in this market to compete with cheap/volume hosting – we are in it to offer the *best* hosting 😉

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