StudioPress launches site redesign, ditches orange for blue


The folks at StudioPress, the theme shop responsible for the Genesis theme framework, launched a new site design this week. StudioPress lead designer Rafal Tomal was behind the new design, which Brian Gardner explained is a part of their brand’s new transition:

Every once in a while brands go through transitions which can certainly warrant a color change, and for StudioPress this was the perfect time.

It’s been nearly 9 months since StudioPress came together with a few others to form Copyblogger Media – a development company which provides a suite of tools to help publishers succeed online.

As we have slowly worked our development into the trinity of essential software products, we wanted the StudioPress brand to represent a vibrant and professional movement within WordPress – focused on design optimization alongside the Genesis Framework.

You might remember that StudioPress merged into Copyblogger Media last fall. They also launched their first theme on the marketplace as well, joining the initial launch group.

As we try to do, just after the jump you’ll see a comparison image, with their old site on the right and their new design on the left.

What do you think of the new look for StudioPress? Miss the orange, or love the blue?

13 thoughts on “StudioPress launches site redesign, ditches orange for blue

  1. Hands down, I like the new one over the old one. I’ve always been a fan of using blues for websites because it’s so much friendlier. I just think it utilizes space so much more effectively and I am looking forward to the next couple of months with StudioPress.

  2. You know what, I’m not too sure I like it to much. Is it clean, yes, but I’m not to sure it flows as easily as the one before.

    I don’t really like the heading font choice either.

    I’m just saying.

  3. nice, but you made a little boo boo in your post 😉 you said old design on left new design on right, its the other way around 😉

  4. Definitely better. The old design made me feel like I was walking into a dated mechanics office. You know the one with the rotating salted peanut and stale candy vending machines by the counter and 6 hour old pot of coffee over in the corner and, those gross Styrofoam cups, white sugar cubes and plastic stir sticks. Uerghhh! Everything feels greasy. OK, carried away. The starburst is gone! Goodbye 2006.

  5. Love to see a “Home Page makeover” style post which outlines the various changes they made and why.

  6. It is a fresher and better design IMO. Though I would have really preferred better fonts. Not in the logo but in the headings.

  7. You’ve spelt Rafal Tomal’s name wrong, and you’ve got a typo in a tag that leads to instead of

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