releases a plugin for blogging your social media stories


Earlier this week announced their brand new plugin for WordPress, which integrates with your site allowing you to use your account from within your Dashboard. It seems this particular feature is highly requested by Storify users who also blog with WordPress.

You might be wondering just who, or rather what, Storify are? In short, you would use Storify to drop in social media stories on your blog, instead of using something like Twitter Blackbird Pie. You also might have seen Storify used regularly by the White House, New York Times, Washington Post, and many others, gathering all the social going-ons and delivering it all in one place. To quote their about page:

Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media.

I like that. I like it a lot.

With the number of WordPress events with many attendees and chatter happening on social networks, I can imagine the WordPress community really jumping on board and taking advantage of Storify now.  Have you ever used before? Does the plugin make it more appealing than it might be otherwise?

2 thoughts on “ releases a plugin for blogging your social media stories

  1. This seems really great, thanks for doing a write up on it. I checked out Storify and the plugin and I’m left with a question for you and the other readers…

    Can I write my posts in WordPress and submit them to Storify???

    Or, do I create a Storify (which is a collection of online articles I like…or snippets of articles) and then send that to WordPress and it gets published as a Post?

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