Steph’s reflections on Whitehall and WordPress

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Steph Gray over at Helpful Technology has posted his thoughts coming away from Word Up Whitehall. He talks at length about the growth of WordPress sites in government and the need for there to be a transition from government agencies simply utilizing WordPress to actively contributing to the codebase.

It’s great that governments are increasingly embracing open source software. As we start to see government agencies increasingly release their code, it’s possible that someday government funded development might become a driving force in open source development, solving volunteer shortages for projects that need help along with solving budget shortage problems for governments. Seems like a win-win. What do you think?

One thought on “Steph’s reflections on Whitehall and WordPress

  1. It was a very interesting day, and I was pleased that I was invited, as I’m not a Government person. I think everyone came away with things to think about.

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