StartBox theme framework now available for free, introduces new Developer’s Club

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Brian Richards, developer of the StartBox theme framework, gave a presentation at WordCamp Chicago last weekend. During his presentation, “Developing For Success or Any Fool Can Do This,” Richards announced that his Startbox theme is now free to download at his site.

In the announcement blog post on his site, Richards said that he has wanted to release StartBox for free since the beginning but couldn’t afford it. He said:

I also wanted it to become a more practical solution for commercial devs. Even though the GPL already grants users the ability to redistribute StartBox however they like, many were still uneasy about including it with their products (or even building StartBox-based products in the first place).

Richards also hopes the new free price tag will spark more of a community around the project, potentially one that could spur more integration between the couple of dozen theme frameworks on the market today.

Last weekend also saw the launch of the StartBox Developer’s Club as well. In place of a charge for the StartBox theme itself, the new club will give members access to all current and future theme releases, PSD files, tutorials, and support. The cost is $50 to join and $10/month to remain an active member, or $100 for one year.

Anyone who paid for StartBox already will be grandfathered into the Developer’s Club until July 2012. Lifetime members, who signed up before StartBox launched, will continue to get everything for all time. In his post Richards encourages any customers upset with this announcement should contact him.

Along with the Developer’s Club there is now a StartBox affiliate program that you can learn more about on the site. Richards sat down for an interview with me not long ago too, so check that out.

Have you tried StartBox for yourself yet? If not, does the fact that it’s now available free mean you might be more likely to try it out on a project?

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  1. Yup, trying it out now on The Voodoo Empire. My personal blog had gotten to be a mess…. I had WP stuff on there, business stuff, projects, etc. A while back I moved my WP focus to VoodooPress, and now finally have started movng all my business and project stuff to its own site. I’m too darned busy to design a theme right now…. stupid work. I’ve tried a handful of themes, and this one is working best for what I was looking for. I dig it.

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