Startbox 2.5 brings a new sidebar management system


Earlier this month WordPress developer Brian Richards released version 2.5 of Startbox, a theme framework he originally released back in August of 2010 (see our review). The updated thing brings a number of improvements, but the one that piqued my interest was the sidebar manager that Richards described.

The new custom sidebar allows for the addition and removal of custom sidebars, selecting which post types and taxonomies should display the sidebars, and including them anywhere via shortcode.

This screen shows the sidebar functionality added to Startbox 2.5.

Richards baked the custom sidebar functionality straight into Startbox, though he does seem to show an interest in introducing this sort of thing into a plugin in the future.

Version 2.5 also brings with it a short laundry list of additions and improvements aside from the custom sidebars. It offers:

  • User-definable custom layouts,
  • more control over post thumbnails,
  • and improved sanitization for theme options.

What do you think of the described sidebar functionality, as well as the rest of what Startbox 2.5 has to offer? What method do you use for wrangling custom sidebars?

3 thoughts on “Startbox 2.5 brings a new sidebar management system

  1. For custom sidebars, I now use the Sidebar Manager in StartBox 😀

    StartBox is my favorite framework. Many times a new feature has come out just as I was about to tackle something that the new feature made way easier. So timely! StartBox’s theme options are great because they look just like they belong in the WordPress admin area. No crazy graphics or organization to confuse you. StartBox is a win!

    • Hm, I didn’t actually see yours while I was researching mine, but it looks nice!

      The major concern I wanted to address with my own Sidebar Manager, and something I couldn’t find anyone else doing, was to provide users a single place to select all the many locations this custom sidebar should appear (e.g. which posts, pages, categories, tags, etc should use it). Also being able to insert via shortcode was a nice bonus.

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