Splinder.com closes its doors, WordPress.com opens theirs and adds an importer

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Splinder.com, a widely popular blogging service in Italy, is closing its doors on January 31st, in just a couple of weeks. In response to Splinder closing its doors, however, WordPress.com has said “come on in” and opened theirs.

WordPress.com has created an importer that will allow you to import your data from Splinder.com so you can still salvage your data and host it for free. The WordPress.com blog post also offers instructions on how to export your data from Splinder.com so you can import it to WordPress.com. In addition to importing data, the post also shows you how to redirect your existing Splinder.com site to your new WordPress.com site, to start the flow of new traffic.

If you’re a user of Splinder.com, do you think you’ll switch to the WordPress.com platform?

Note: the above screenshot is a translated version of splinder.com using Google Chrome.