Someone Please Save WPDesigner


Someone Please Save WPDesigner

When Small Potato gave up his baby ( to a man who goes by the name of Pawel Ciszewski, it was a sad day. I, like many others, decided to give Pawel some needed time to get things squared away and then, jump right in and take over where SP left off. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be happening. It’s been quite awhile now since Pawel’s introductory post with nothing new posted since then. The post has over 200 comments and some of those comments are now appearing as spam.

Near the bottom of the post, someone ended up posting a comment showcasing how one could impersonate Pawel. Since that post, there have been people making it look as though Pawel has announced the closure of the site, theme club prices rising and various other things. I realize this is a bad situation for many of you, especially those who spent $5.00 to get into the club, but from the outside looking in, some of the comments left by the imposter’s were a little humorous. Note that the following comments were made by imposters and not by Pawel himself.

– Hi. I have decided to close the site. It was a great tax write-off. Thanks for sticking around this long.

– I have decided that the theme club is too cheap. Therefore, everyone who is currently a member of the club owes the site an additional 20$. We are now charging 5$ per theme and we are retroactively charging everyone for the four unpaid themes they have already received. Please send your payments via paypal.

– I am sorry guys for not posting this long. I have been extremely busy in searching for some Kick-Ass theme designers. The market is saturated with lame designers and I did not want to assign a newbie to work on That’s why the long wait time!

So, I am really sorry for all of you who had to wait for so long. I have a little knowledge of wordpress and I will also design wordpress themes for all of you. I hope everybody will enjoy them.

So, wait and watch. This site will rock your pants :). Also don’t forget to become a member of our themes club. Its only $5 and on popular demand, I will reduce the price to $2 per subscription. For the special discount, please send me an e-mail with the discount coupon code : PAWELDISCOUNT

Good luck!

– And, for all the people who are posting bad things about the website and me, please refrain from doing so as I will start banning people based on your IP addresses. So be careful next time!

So it would appear as though WPDesigner is rapidly going the way of the dodo bird. It is really unfortunate that this series of events has happened and I can’t help but feel that the actions caused by the failure of this theme club will cause repercussions down the road in the form of less trust. I’d like someone to step in and save WPDesigner from it’s own demise but I don’t have $65,000.00 to give to Pawel and I don’t think many of us do. Still, there seems to be a slight chance that Pawel will revive himself and bring the site alive but as far as I can tell, that chance is becoming very slim.

Let me know what you think about the current status of

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  1. I think whatever the reason nothing is happening over at may be, there should have been some monitoring of comments or rather some sort of update.. This is just plain stupid and, imho, disrespectfull toward both the members of the themeclub as the readers.

    My 2cts

  2. wpdesigner was a total resource, and I am sad to see it die however I am not surprised. When I read the new post about the new owner you could see he was buying it just for monetary reasons. Unfortunately when you are blogging solely for profit it becomes more of a chore.

    In the meantime I would try and backup as much of the great content as you can, before it disappears forever.

  3. Yeah that’s the weirdest. SP has disappeared too it seems. Can’t imagine that he doesn’t care about his creation, when it’s clearly going down the drain fast.

  4. Why on earth would someone pay US$65,000 for a site and just let it go down the drain like that?

    Those comments sure are hilarious though.

  5. It’s a bit of a Catch 22 situation really. Mr. Cizwhisky may well be waiting for some top-notch themes to be ready and stuff, but now that all the abuse has broken out in the comments section, he is likely to be rather put-off and upset: I know I would be.

    That said, it certainly have been smart of him to tell us what’s going on. He’s wasted all that money!

  6. This certainly is a disappointment that one of the top sites in the community is going “down the drain” because of a neglecting site owner. I personally don’t care if he makes money off it. I mean I’d imagine he would want some sort of return on his investment? Very puzzling to me. I hope he’ll come through soon and keep the site alive. Hire blog posters and designers if necessary. What a shame this is. 🙁

  7. i hope the how-to-create-theme tutorial will remain there. that the most-valuable tutorial i found so far. i think sp not know about this news since he’s now travelling.

  8. There is not a comment that was left by someone claiming to be Pawels dad that says Pawel was in a bad car accident. Not too sure on whether to believe that or not but anything is possible I guess.

  9. The whole thing always struck me as so strange — both the amount paid (and yeah, I realize that the valuation made sense — but buying a site and buying a community are different things and in this case, the site “name” WAS the community — it was a risk even for an investor with experience and existing interest in the topic) and in the lack of updates, notifications, etc. since the purchase. I mean, I can believe the guy isn’t savvy enough to disable comments and naive enough to think that he can just wait on putting stuff up — but as far as I can tell, the site hasn’t even been monetized. At the very least, I would have expected a plethora of text-ads and other stuff, just to take advantage of the audience that is left.

    The sad thing is, the longer the situation goes unresolved, the more value the site loses. As it stands, most of the tutorials and other information are out of date — they were written for WordPress 2.2 — and in the age of 2.5 — some of that stuff has been deprecated, some of it changed entirely; the use of the site as a resource to Google searches (which is how most people find/found the site, I’m sure) deteriorates each day. WpDesigner might have been a great resource at one time — but as with many other things online, something else will eventually step-up in its place unless swift, drastic action is taken.

  10. What a relief to see this post and know I am not alone in wondering wuts up with wpdesigner.

    I used to go there daily but now maybe weekly to see if it’s alive. I did pay $5 for the club, although, I do think I got my moneys worth even from the 4 themes plus all of the FREE stuff SP gave us ( tutorials, answers to questions, and free themes)

    I have to wonder if SP “Bought” the site from himself and went on hiatus? Just a thought. I hope this guys saves the site. I wish I had $65k to throw around.

    I am sure he could hire 2 people to get the site to be killer again.

  11. pawell was a fictional person. after sp received several ‘fake’ bids he and a few others came up with the idea to use pawell as a patzi. they inflated the bid, walked with the themes club money and are working on a separate site….just wait….

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  13. I made the last bid on Sitepoint, the 66K one, but it was too late, SP was already waiting the OK by escrow.

    Lately I have been thinking about getting in touch again with SP and ask him to help me convince Pawel of selling it back to me.

    The problem is that after this mess, the site is loosing value every day and now I would not pay for it the same amount that Pawel did.

  14. I was sure it would go that way. Everything is about money here. SP sold his website to make money and the new owner did buy it to make money. But WPDesigner is a community and I was really sure that the community would not follow after the new owner wrote his first post.

    I am really sad because it looks like SP took the money and just left…

  15. To be fair, SP can’t be held responsible for the new owner’s inaction. And indeed he did take the money and leave. But he made that very transparent. That was the whole reason he wanted to sell the site in the first place: to travel the world for a year.

    But wow, what a mess WPDesigner has become. It’s too bad. I wonder why Pawel hasn’t even bothered to monetize it? Not that I’m advocating that but if I did just pay $65K for it…

    Very weird.

  16. @Ian – Yeah good point. SP did what he had to and he can’t be blamed for it.

    I’m really curious as to why Pawel hasn’t done anything! Maybe he’s just working behind the scenes? Whatever he’s done (if anything at all) it’s really hurting WPDesigner.

  17. That is true that SP made it clear before leaving. But he also said that he would “choose” the new owner of WPDesigner. So we could wait for something from that guy. I really don’t understand his position, his communication and his marketing. Doesn’t need to publish new themes but he should know that a blog is an amazing communication tool. It can make but also break you. And I think Pawel should think about it…

    I feel so sad for what that community has become…

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  19. Even though I check the feed every day, I kind of know that I won’t find anything new, as it just seems so weird that a month has gone by with no news.

    I emailed SP the other day to see if he could at least stop the comments, but I guess as others have said, its out of his hands now.

    Its such a shame. I’m making copies of all the tutorials on there just in case one day I go back and find the site gone! Lets just hope Pawel is working hard behind the scenes!

  20. I know this sorta sounds odd but I always thought that with all of the great WordPress related community out there, as good as SP’s stuff was, he sort of came off as really holier than thou.

    It seems like he dumped the site so fast, he didn’t take the time to make sure he was selling it to someone who would keep it alive. I knew once 2 or 3 days went by after Pawel’s first post it was done for.

    Don’t cry for a site that became irrelevant fast and instead look to all the other fantastic people contributing to WordPress.

  21. The comments have been switched off over at WPDesigner…. It seems we will have to find a new sounding board.

    Personally, I do not believe the site is dead. Merely resting.

    But I’ve always been an optimist.

  22. Its all a hoax!

    SP did not really sell the website. There is no way someone would buy it for 65k! Websites are not worth that much. SP has run off with all your money from the themes….

  23. I was just about to come to WP Candy and ask if you know what had happened to WPDesigner, when I saw this post. It’s quite… unbelievable. I mean, what had happened to WPDesinger.

  24. <>

    to be honest …i don´t care. Of course it was a great resource but there are many many other good resources out there. And if you buy something “virtual” (like it did too) like the themes club you must always know that tomorrow it can be gone.
    So life goes on … thats web 3.0.a. “today top – tomorrow dead” so what ?

  25. I’m actually starting to buy into this Pawel-is-fictional theory. But then, reading SP’s personal blog, he seems honest enough.

    Ctrl-F “Pradeep” on Pawel’s post. Simply hilarious.

  26. I’m still laughing over this Pradeep business. Seems real enough, based on his previous posts on AdSense help.

  27. Oh, this is too bad. I really liked WPDesigner and used Small Potato’s tutorials.
    Whether or not it’s a hoax or if SP just wanted a break or Pawel is a fictional person or a real one the end result is plain old fashioned confusion for any visitor to WPdesigner.
    The forum is a nest of spam, the theme club is still accepting payments of $5 bucks and still promising new themes every month.So whatever is really going on the facts are people are getting ripped off.SP left his name on the site and so it looks like SP is the rip off artist–even if he isn’t. You’d think he’d care about this.

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