Social Networking & Bookmarking Plugins


Social Networking and Bookmarking have become huge a huge part of the internet and it’s important to stay on top with these trends. Thankfully, WordPress has plugins that help us accomplish this without putting forth too much effort. We even have a Social Bookmarking plugin installed right here on WPCandy!

Social Networking

Social Networking is the practice of expanding your business or product by interacting with other people on the web. The most common way to do this, is by submitting and spreading your links, pictures, videos, etc. on Social Networking sites. Social Network sites include Digg, StumbleUpon, Flickr,, YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace. On most of these Social Networking sites, when you submit your stuff, people can give feedback by commenting, rating, and faving, to help further spread the word. Becoming popular among these Social Networks can be the “make or break” of your product! Essentially, these Social Networks are important nowadays.

Social Bookmarking

This concept is pretty simple. Social Bookmarking is when people who like your product, literally bookmark that product on a Social Networking site. StumbleUpon, for example, lets users set up an account and stumble (bookmark) sites. With Digg, users submit their product and people can digg (favorite) it, as well as comment and further share it.

Social Networking & Bookmarking WordPress Plugins

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