Snag Premise plugin, from Copyblogger Media, $85 today


Premise is a new commercial WordPress plugin that claims to take the pain out of landing pages. While I haven’t used it myself, I do know that Brian Clark’s Copyblogger Media is behind some fine WordPress products (Scribe and Genesis, for instance). If you are at all interested in this landing page plugin, be sure to grab it today while it’s available for $85 instead of $165.

The starter price includes, on top of the plugin itself, optimization seminars, copywriting advice and a graphics library. Based on the pricing page, it looks like this initial price also includes updates and support for life (compared to the regular plan, which looks like it will involve an ongoing subscription for those).

So who has picked up and tried out Premise so far? What has it taught you about building landing pages?

12 thoughts on “Snag Premise plugin, from Copyblogger Media, $85 today

  1. Genesis and Scribe are wonderful but my first impression of Premise is that there is a lot of overlap with Scribe, I’m not sure if this deal is such a good idea for those of use who already subscribe to that service.

    Having said that, I’m still trying grasp what, exactly, Premise is, perhaps there is enough other stuff to justify the purchase.

    • Best as I can tell, Premise provides templates and guides for creating landing pages. Looks like some page building/customizing within it as well.

  2. In the end, I decided to take a chance on Premise, purely based on the company behind it and my previous experience of their products.

    Unfortunately, their payment system wasn’t working, tried three times. Entirely separately, one of my friends in a Holland was also unable to complete the payment, so, this probably wasn’t an isolated problem. I left a message via the CopyBlogger site but got zero response and now the offer has finished.


    I wonder how many sales they lost due to this problem. There’s a lesson there for all of us – the best marketing in the world won’t mean much if you don’t get the basics right.

  3. I bought it when it came out, mainly because I want to start offering landing page optimization and AB testing to clients, so I want to see if it’s a good solution for that.
    Looks like a good plugin, but I will test it after I finish my site redesign. Well, it’s not only a plugin, you get free training webinars also.

  4. I purchased Premise and have been using Scribe for some time now. Premise is different from Scribe, and does work hand-in-hand (although you must visit the Scribe settings page and put a checkmark next to the “Landing Pages” custom post type, as that what Premise’s pages are.

    While building my first Premise page, I spent hours exploring the six different templates, graphics library, placeholder text, etc. and overall I’m really pleased with the end result. I’ve learned so much using Scribe about the content and structure of my writing, and Premise allows me to take it to the next level by creating easily readable landing pages that act as both optimized content, but also as a “funnel” to my other content.

    That said, and as with any new product I found some bugs and offered some feature requests. I quickly reported these through the Premise members contact form and received responses within 12 hours every time. One niggling bug was that the MailChimp opt-in form was screwy but I’m not sure if this affects other form services they include.

    Affecting connecting the MailChimp api via the Premise settings, there is an editor button that allows you to drop in an opt-in form while choosing whatever list from your MailChimp account you desire. The issue was that after submission there was no indication that the form had been submitted. The page simply refreshed and the url changed to append “mc1” <—as in MailChimp form one. I went to my MailChimp settings and made sure I was redirecting to a thank you page (which I also made in Premise), but that didn't work either.

    I reported this and they confirmed it was a bug that would be fixed in the next version.

    I ended up just embedding the MailChimp form directly into my premise page. You can see it here:

    My wishlist of feature enhancements for Premise is long, but because I respect the products and work that CopyBlogger Media provides, I'm confident at this point that it will only get better.

    Hope that helps anyone reading this;)

  5. This is Awesome- I have just finished our original landing page where Brian had responded to an email I sent… http-//

    It is the first of many, great plug in for landing pages and more…

  6. Even I bought Premise. And I just would like to say thanks to Brian for creating such a wonderful plugin! I really loved it. I saved my lot of time! As of my experience, Premise is very easy to use and customize the landing page. I’ve been looking for such easy tool since long time.

    I decided to organize contest and give away one free unlimited premise plugin to one of my lucky reader. Here is the contest link:

    Thank you for the review of this awesome plugin!

  7. Thanks WP Candy for such a great post on the premise plugin. This has been most helpful to me in my decision to purchase. I also appreciate your reader’s comments.

    Lastly congrats on the success of your site. It has a wealth of useful and helpful information for the wordpress community.

    I look forward to reading future articles on the site.



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