Smashing Magazine breaks into advanced code tutorials with new coding section


In response to a growing number of requests for more specific articles on technical topics, Smashing Magazine is going to start offering more advanced articles on programming and coding. The name of this new section? Smashing Coding.¬†Smashing Coding will be curated by Keir Whitaker, who you may have heard of if you’ve frequented Think Vitamin since January 2009.

Smashing Coding will focus on technically advanced programming articles. They’re currently working on articles for configuring Ubuntu for Rails development and advanced caching strategies for WordPress along with many others. It will include all of their past articles that have topics that are going to be covered under this new section.

If you’ve used articles from Smashing Magazine, what as been your experience? Will you use Smashing Coding? If you haven’t, will you start now?

8 thoughts on “Smashing Magazine breaks into advanced code tutorials with new coding section

      • Oh gosh, I scanned the whole page and didn’t see the “welcome message” – must be the same symptom as being “blind” to adverts on a webpage I guess. I can’t claim that it was too early to see well (as my comment went on at 6.44am) coz I’m in Spain and it was noon here :o)

        Many thanks Amy!

  1. Having been an avid reader since c. 2007, I’ve bought most of the Smashing series (e-books, books, etc.) and have always enjoyed their content & structure. Also seems like they’re not going for the “Learn CSS in 1 day crowd” so maybe it’ll be a nice opportunity for weekend coders like myself to get a deeper understanding of various real concepts. Looking forward.

  2. Good to see how smashingmag really is taking off. Free tuts and resources are great, and that’s really the foundation of their success. Thumbs up

  3. Smashing Magazine always innovates new resources, Coding is really useful and also their Inspiration, Freebies and WordPress categories are amazing, 2 Thumbs up

  4. I think these posts will still be put in the primary feed with everything else, so I guess I’m not too worried about subscribing to the new feed because I already get them in the other subscription. Still good to know that you can get a specific feed.

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