Smashing Magazine launches new section for WordPress


The folks at Smashing Magazine have added a WordPress section to their popular site this week. The new WordPress tab joins their Coding and UX Design tabs, which each represent a different focus the blog has.

Jeff Starr was announced editor of the new section as well. You might remember Starr as the person who co-authored Digging into WordPress with Chris Coyier. In the announcement post yesterday, Starr described the drive behind the new Smashing Magazine WordPress section:

In recent years, it seems WordPress has been growing at an exponential rate. It’s also become amuch better piece of software, almost becoming a transparent experience to the user, who can set up a beautiful, fully functional site or CMS in minutes. There are many user-focused sites that will help with the basics, but as you get further into WordPress, the list of reliable resources on more advanced topics grows thin. This presents an opportunity…

But the Smashing folks haven’t stopped with Starr. It seems Justin Tadlock will also be augmenting his DevPress blogging with a bit of blogging on the new Smashing Magazine WordPress section. It’s probably safe to assume they will be recruiting other well known community members to contribute as well.

Are you excited to see Smashing devote time to WordPress, particularly on more advanced topics? Are you a regular reader of Smashing Magazine?

10 thoughts on “Smashing Magazine launches new section for WordPress

  1. Haven’t visited in probably 2 years. I see they still beat you over the head with a large number of advertisements on every page.

  2. This is exciting news! I’m a big fan of Smashing Magazine and their partner site, Six Revisions.

    The market for WordPress news & tutorial websites is getting a little crowded, though. Smashing Magazine might be a bit late to the game. However, their all-star lineup of contributing writers will go a long way toward putting them in front. Already, I see they’re applying their trademark style of long, in-depth articles to covering WordPress. Wish them luck.

    • Yeah, great WP tutorials are popping up left and right. SM might be late in the game but it doesn’t matter because they have an instant audience and can lure in writers with both cash and fame. Thus, we’ll be seeing some great WordPress tutorials there shortly. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. When I first started designing (terrible) websites…. SM really helped with resources to get slightly less terrible! They really do provide a lot of great info. I’m excited to see what they do. There are a million WP sites, and they might be a bit late to the game (I don’t think VoodooPress can compete!) but…. if they can give some quality, in-depth, and more advanced resources, I think they have room to stand out. When you get started with WP, a simple Google search will yield all the answers you need. But as your questions grow more advanced, quality resources get hard to find.

  4. Whatever your pre-conceptions of Smashing are the first real article on there is actually really good. One of the best I’ve read in a long time. If they can keep them to that standard then the WP section will be a success!

  5. Thats a great news. SM might be late in wordpress game but they certainly are the benchmark in design industry. If you see their Authors lineup then it is safe to assume that this section would provide the great content to the community.

  6. This is great news to me! I often perform searches for any Smashing Magazine WordPress article – I’m happy to see them devoting some expert authorship and content development to more advanced WordPress topics. I don’t think they’re necessarily late; there’s so much more content out there that need to be covered for medium-level to advanced WP users, kudos to them!

  7. It takes so long for Smashing Magazine to launch WP section. They could alunched that a year ago.
    Envato released their WP section earlier than Smashing Magazine. I guess WP is a hot commodity for everyone right now

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