David Artiss brings version 3.0 of the Simple Social Bookmarks plugin

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If a couple of social icons are good, then a bajillion must be really awesome, right? Okay, maybe not. Either way, WordPress plugin developer David Artiss has released the third version of his simple Social Bookmarks Plugin. Simple Social Bookmarks adds the icons to your posts and pages and lets your visitors submit your content to social bookmarking sites.

Version 3.0 brought a full rewrite of the base plugin code, and brings 218 total bookmarking services under the hood. Rel=nofollow has been made the default for all outbound links as well. Artiss warns of the changes to the new version of the plugin on the plugin page:

Please note, if upgrading from a version previous to 3.0: Version 3 has changed some of the existing service names and icon filenames – please check the version history for further details. In addition, the standard icon set has changed.

You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin directory. Very thorough documentation is available there as well. Just remember what Uncle Ben said: with great numbers of social icons come great responsibility. Well, he would have said that.

There are a huge number of social icons at your fingertips. WPCandy has chosen to use only Twitter and Facebook buttons. Which ones do you use?