Sharing never tasted so good


OpenCola Pwns Coke

Who needs proprietary when you can have open… Cola? Yep, allow me to introduce you to the awesome that is OpenCola. What is it, you say? Well, it’s not just Cola, it’s an open source Cola recipe, determined to be perfected over time, and completely public for all the world to see.

Coke thinks they are so big and bad with their proprietary deliciousness. Psh… they better watch out, because this fizzy pop might just sneak up on them. The power of community and sharing knows no bounds, fears no challenge, and slows down for noone, not even the mighty red can and the beautiful white cursive that graces its side.

An article on how to make OpenCola is a WikiHow project that has been around since 2007, and OpenCola itself has been around since 2001, but much older alternative Coke recipes have been in the news recently.

NPR’s This American Life recently featured an old recipe from a 1979 newspaper article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that claimed to be the original recipe for coke. This seemed to be realistic because the actual Coke recipe is locked up in a vault somewhere in Atlanta. The Coke people deny that it’s the same recipe, and the This American Life folks made it to confirm it’s not the Coke, but their efforts shan’t go wasted, because the story’s recent attention has helped further the movement for OpenCola.

So if your eyes are weary and your brain is overflowed with open source software, take a break this weekend and whip up some good ole open source Cola. And hey, if you find a way to make it even better, submit a patch! You don’t even have to know how to use subversion to do it!

And if you’re really in the mood, maybe you’d like to check out open source beer. Oh, did I mention the OpenCola project is licensed under the GPL?

4 thoughts on “Sharing never tasted so good

  1. So they can reverse engineer drugs but can’t reverse engineer drinks? No one know what the missing ingredient is in Coca-Cola? Maybe it’s Krusty cough syrup.

    • You’d have to use a split license with the Vodka. But I’d stick to darker liquor as general best practice.

      As far as your bladder and any other method of redistribution, OpenCola is compatible with version #1 or #2, but please don’t let me see anything else.

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