Upcoming platform Seshn has ambitious plans, aiming for number one shop in 2013


In the realm of theme and plugin stores there’s a lot of competition. The team over at Seshn (pronounced session), a platform being built on top of WordPress, feels that they’re ready to tackle that market—they’re quite ambitious about it, too.

While not a lot of information is available about how they plan do achieve their goals, founder Brandon Winnie was kind enough to give us a small look at what they want to achieve and where they want to be in the game.

In short: They want to be one of the companies to watch in 2012 and the number one WordPress theme and plugin store in the world by the end of 2013. Remember when I mentioned that they’re quite ambitious? They say they plan to hit their goals by focusing on the average consumer rather than more technical folks. In the beginning their platform will be targeted at anyone that wants to build a name for themselves. To drive that point home, they’ve enlisted the help of some athletes and celebrities (none named specifically) to show what you can do with your site using Seshn.

If you’re interested in trying it out, they’re taking email addresses on their site to be a part of the beta period. What do you think: is there still time to make a mark in the commercial WordPress space with the right innovative idea?

13 thoughts on “Upcoming platform Seshn has ambitious plans, aiming for number one shop in 2013

    • I tend to feel the same way. I try not to be so cynical, but at the same time I’ve seen a number of announcements go unfulfilled. It’s easy to announce your intentions, but much harder to follow up on them.

      I’ll reserve judgement until they launch.

  1. Still time to make a mark? The field is wide open! Especially in the plugin space. There is so much opportunity in the WP space for those willing to step up and take it and address current user needs and develop the next generation of WP functionality, plugins and theming platforms.

    • I agree Trace. I’m particularly interested to see how they progress with their simplified approach, talking about solutions rather than the technology behind them. What would a theme/plugin shop look like that didn’t talk about things like themes, plugins, or even WordPress? That’s an exciting question, and one that someone will eventually answer.

  2. I can’t figure it out. If you read their blog they spin their perspective like they are building a competitor to WordPress.com that may feature some sort of theme building system. But then again other press releases like this article make me think they want to create a competitor to say ThemeForest < which personally I think they'd be hard pressed to knock them down.

    One of the things I've seen popping up on the internet is one stop WordPress shops, where you can go, buy your domain, hosting and a premium theme all in one swoop and get your blog setup in 72hrs.

    So I'm just wondering if they have some sort of concept to improve on the one stop shop.

    I'm totally confused, is anyone else? Guess I'll find out in 2012.

  3. “the number one WordPress theme and plugin store in the world by the end of 2013”, weh!!! That’s a mouthful. I prefer small independent theme shops just because I’m finding more unique themes. Everything I see in the larger theme shops just look so typical. Usually more of an ‘options contest’.

    To hit those goals it would have to be a free for all. I can’t imagine a fully curated theme and plugin shop hit numbers as high as Theme Forest in such little amount of time.

    Good luck to them.

    • Thanks for your comment Denis.

      You’re right it does sound like a mouthful, but we feel like there hasn’t been anyone who has stepped up to the plate and created something unique for “joe user” who doesn’t really even know or care what WordPress is. We love it, of course, but to most people it’s just blogging software, and it usually ends there.

      We have worked really hard on establishing relationships with some key people within the demographic we are targeting and we are bringing them into the WP fold via Seshn.

      Also, I can totally see where you are getting at with small indy theme shops. I am a designer with a passion for unique, creative design, so we are working very hard to ensure we are known for only quality themes, products and experiences. For starters, every theme within our store will be responsive and will look incredible.


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