ServerBuddy plugin from PluginBuddy goes 1.0, buddy

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The PluginBuddy team has released version 1.0 of their free ServerBuddy plugin which is available on the Plugin Directory. ServerBuddy will give you information about (spoiler alert) your server, file permissions, and site map from within your Dashboard.

ServerBuddy plugin screenshot gallery

PluginBuddy’s Dustin Bolton shared the news on the ServerBuddy blog and explained how ServerBuddy is actually just a piece of what they offer in their paid BackupBuddy plugin:

The new version [of ServerBuddy] increases reliability or the given results and adds some key new features that should be in everyone’s site toolkit. ServerBuddy is also great way to assess if your server is compatible with BackupBuddy. If you have BackupBuddy installed on your site then you already have all of the benefits of ServerBuddy on your ‘Server Info’ page within the BackupBuddy menu.

Do you use ServerBuddy to inspect your server details, or do you use other methods?

One thought on “ServerBuddy plugin from PluginBuddy goes 1.0, buddy

  1. I really do not understand what’s so great about this plugin. It performs an compatibily check of the server you wish to install their plugins and that’s about all that it does.

    If you are a techie you know how to gather those informations, and if you need a powerfull tool to fine tune your WordPress install nothing beats GD Press Tools.

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