Server Issues, Ah!


Hey guys, we’re experiencing some horrible server issues. Please bare with us while we try and get WPCandy back and running normal.  Sorry for the inconvenience! Anyway, since I’m making a post, let’s play a game. Make a comment on this post, stating your favorite WordPress powered site (keep it clean).In your comment, you should include the following:

  1.  Your name, website, and e-mail
  2. Favorite WordPress powered site (preferably with a link)
  3. Explanation on why that is your favorite WordPress powered site

Thanks for playing and enjoy the rest of your day!

3 thoughts on “Server Issues, Ah!

  1. Ah server problems, I used to get that a lot back in the days. :S it’s all good though as long as this awesome website is up and running theres no need to worry.

    And now for the game:
    1. Name: Bboy Wicked
    email: [email protected]

    2. WpCandy and Web designer Wall
    3. Why? Because first of all WpCandy is one of the coolest site to get new updates and everything on word press etc. Secondly, WDW is because of the nice design and coding the admin have done. Also, it’s neat place for any web-designers to grab some nice resources.

  2. Hi there, I’ve been having server issues recently, so I know how irritating they can be. I’m sure you’ll iron them out soon.

    Here are my details:

    Name: PJ
    Website: The Urban Recluse (also a WP blog)
    Email: pj at

    My favourite WordPress powered site is WP Designer’s because the site is very informative (in terms of giving advice on creating themes, etc) but also because Small Potato takes no prisoners! He says what he feels, even if it might cause trouble for him down the line.

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