Sergey Biryukov receives commit access for the 3.6 cycle

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sergey-wordpress-profileWordPress Lead Developer Andrew Nacin announced today that Sergey Biryukov will enjoy guest commit access to WordPress for the 3.6 cycle. He will act as the resident bug gardner, Nacin said, and will be working to clear old and new tickets and fixing bugs.

You’ll recognize Biryukov if you spend time lurking around in Trac, or of course if you’ve used any one of his twenty five plugins.

Nacin had great things to say in the announcement:

Sergey’s Trac activity can best be described as omnipresent. He has had many hundreds of contributions, large and small, accepted to WordPress core. His contributions are always thoroughly researched, with links to related tickets and changesets often going back to a previous decade.

Congrats to Sergey for the recognition, and here’s to a great 3.6 cycle! If you’re planning on contributing to 3.6 in some way, speak up in the comments below.

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