Scheduled Maintenance


Hey everyone! How’s your Winter Break been? I hope everyone had a great Christmahannukwanzaka!

Anyways, It’s been pretty quite around here at WPCandy, but behind-the-scenes, it’s been crazy! The last few weeks I’ve been working on a redesign for the site, and I’m almost finished. I’ll be releasing the new theme on New Years, as well as announcing the winner of the Holiday Contest.

The new year is rolling around the corner, so expect a lot from us. We don’t plan on disappointing. Happy holidays!

Back on topic, we’re going to be having a scheduled maintenance on New Year’s Eve to set up the new theme and get everything working properly. Thanks for sitting tight and baring with us.

2 thoughts on “Scheduled Maintenance

  1. Your going to start uploading a website theme on New Years Eve? Crazy dude! Do it the day after man when your still hungover haha. xxx

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