Sara Cannon launches to track WordCamp travel drinking

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Every now and then a community project comes along that I can really get behind. And by that I mean I feign interest in most of what you all do. I know, I know. It hurts when the truth comes out.

The new community project is Sara Cannon’s, who is a WordPress developer in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s called Airport Beers, and is a blog dedicated to featuring the beers that WordPressers drink in airports on the way to WordCamps.

It’s fun. I’m playing along.

If you’re interested in joining the fun and blogging your drinking exploits—and why wouldn’t you?—follow Cannon’s Twitter commands below and get in touch with her.

The real question is what will I do when Cannon’s blog is the most popular blog about WordPress out there? Can you think of any other community projects like this that would be fun to launch and just see what happens?