Ryan Duff raises money to to attend WordCamp SF in less than 24 hours


Yesterday Ryan Duff put up an Indiegogo campaign attempting to raise money so that he could attend WordCamp San Francisco. He sustained a back injury not long ago which put him behind his bills, so he took to the community. In just under 24 hours he has raised more than enough to cover his travel costs — $1,620 at the time of this writing. And there are still fifteen days left in the Indiegogo campain.

I can’t help but be reminded of Mika Epstein’s similar campaign or the Kickstarter campaign for the Jitterbug that Jane Wells ran. There’s some serious fundraising power within the WordPress community.

What do you think of Duff’s campaign success? Do you think we’ll see more campaigns like this one as long as they continue to be successful?

4 thoughts on “Ryan Duff raises money to to attend WordCamp SF in less than 24 hours

  1. Good guy and helpful member of the community; I’m glad to see folks supporting him like this.

  2. Good to hear that the WordPress community is helping each other to move forward.

    It is good to hear these kind of stories for people like me who are looking to create WordPress communities in remote places like Chandigarh, India.

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    I was also thinking about launching such a platform where WordPress developers from across the world can put up their proposals for hosting such events and seek funding – something like kickstarter.


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