Ryan Duff hopes the crowd will fund his trip to WCSF

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Update: He raised the money needed in less than 24 hours.

Ryan Duff is known in the WordPress community, not only for the drink named after him[ref]See Brad’s drink during just about any episode of WP Late Night.[/ref] but also as a contributor to the project and contract developer. Earlier today he started an Indiegogo campaign to help him fund his trip to WordCamp San Francisco this year. He explains why:

I got a ticket for WCSF and was working my tail off so I could buy airfare. About 3 weeks ago I injured my back and was unable to work for 2 full weeks which has now set me back on all my bills. I can no longer afford airfare or hotel (SF is expensive!!!). I’m asking for your help to get me there.

Duff is asking for $1500, and so far today as brought in $285. If you’re inclined to help him out: $25 gets a thank-you tweet, $100 a blog post about you, and for $500 you can send him a shirt that he’ll wear on Saturday at WordCamp San Francisco.¬†Duff also said that if contributions come in he will spend more time contributing during the WordPress 3.5 development cycle.

You can check out the campaign on Indiegogo and see him tweeting out thanks on Twitter.