Ron Paul loves America and WordPress too


Ron Paul 2012 on WordPress

Ron Paul, a 2012 Republican presidential candidate in the United States, is running his campaign website with WordPress. CanDo, of Newport, Kentucky, is listed in the footer as the developer.

The site utilizes a very active blog, a store, and an events calendar. A number of popular plugins are utilized:

  • WP E-Commerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • Yoast Google Analytics
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Mailchimp
  • The Events Calendar
  • WP Audio MP3 Player
  • ShareThis

Paul is well known as a stalwart of libertarian ideals and a thorn in the sides of mainstream presidential candidates. Of course, Dr. Paul isn’t the only person in politics that loves WordPress. In fact, we’ve got an entire series dedicated to them.

21 thoughts on “Ron Paul loves America and WordPress too

    • Wow. I honestly had no idea.

      The theme is very nice, and certainly great for people with lower budgets, but I’m pretty surprised that a presidential candidate would have a generic Theme Forest template unaltered as his website.

      Oh well, I guess that goes to show what you can get for $35 with WordPress : )

      I wonder if the Ron Paul campaign knows CanDo (the developer) didn’t make a custom template.

      • Yeah, they still did a great job though. I wonder what the budget for the website was. Probably quite a bit. It was what inspired me to use the theme.

      • Well, they sure customized the hell out of it. Looks like a completely different theme in the end (could have started with twentyten for all that matters 🙂 ).

  1. Well they changed the big WordPress logo on the bottom to the Ron Paul logo…

    BTW Nice design THE MOLITOR… You should get some recognition for designing Ron Paul’s Website…

  2. Let’s face it, guys: WP is popular with the political complainers because it’s simple enough. That crowd is typically too dumb for Joomla to say nothing of Drupal.

    • Oh, hmmm, that explains why Noel said it looks like a completely different theme. I didn’t’ see the resemblance either. I guess I never saw the original site. Lo and behold, we’re all talking about two different designs!

  3. Does anyone know of any other good themes that would be suitable for a political campaign website?

  4. Nice. I looked at his site and compared to other politicians sites and I think there are a couple others using wordpress.

    Look at Mike Hucabee’s site and Mitt Romney’s site. On Mitt’s site you have to click on “skip to site” and then click on the blog link.

    Let me know what you think?


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