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Responsive design is definiteively a topic for 2011 and converging into 2012. Having a responsive design is more than just having a “mobile friendly” site. It’s about having a site that will look great and functionally work on nearly any device; whether it’s an iPad, a Kindle Fire, an iPhone or Droid, all the way back to the desktop.

Take for example. If you were to resize the browser, it would work seamlessly without any issues. Not all sites do this, and most WordPress themes are not responsive yet. A few theme and framework creators have started creating responsive themes, but it’s still a long ways away before all of them are.

Enter stage left,; created by Marios Lublinski, who runs, a site about creating modern and clean WordPress themes, conceived the idea of helping making all WordPress themes responsive.

There’s no mention yet about whether it’s going to be a free or premium plugin, but I imagine it will be a premium plugin, given that it has its own domain. Most free plugins offered, don’t have their own domain.

I’m really excited about this plugin because, if he can execute it properly, it will help make so many websites responsive and easier to read on non-desktop experiences. It’s a great idea and wish him all the success in creating the plugin.

When the plugin is released, do you think you’ll grab a copy to help make your site responsive?

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  1. Jonathan Thank you for mention…
    As to the price it will be both…
    Free to try 2 layouts and Premium if you want 6 or more layouts.. for mobile and tablet…
    Still working on the plugin, should be released in month or so…

    If you interested sign up….


  2. Has Ryan stopped personally editing contributors articles before publishing on them on WPCandy? I noticed some excerpts are now the full body of the article and also there could’ve been more links in this article. I actually had to manually copy and paste “” into my address bar to view the website that the article was referencing.

  3. Really great idea, seems to fit right into the demand right now and I’m sure with the right set of features and compatibility this could turn out to be a killer product making you tons of cash.

    Really excited to give it a spin and would be even more interested to get some insight into how it will operate.

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