Godley’s Rename Media plugin fixes default image names

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John Godley, Code Wrangler for Automattic, has released a new WordPress plugin called Rename Media. Rename Media changes the actual filename for uploads you rename the upload’s title within the media manager. Godley claims that doing so will not only look better, but will help optimize for search engines as well.

Godley gives an example of why this is useful in his announcement post:

You upload an image from your digital camera with a filename IMG_0112.jpg.

Not a great name really.

Afterwards you change the title of the image in WordPress to ‘Sunset With Banana’.

Much more interesting, but the filename of the image is still IMG_0112.jpg.

Using this plugin the filename will also change to sunset-with-banana.jpg, which as well as looking nicer is a lot better for SEO.

Be aware that this plugin will not update references to old image URLs in your content, so be careful how you use this one. Rename Media can be downloaded for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

You can follow Godley on Twitter at @all_noodles.