Redirection WordPress plugin version 2.2 is available, fixes many issues

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John Godley, Code Wrangler at Automattic and the developer behind a suite of WordPress plugins like HeadSpace2, Search unleashed, and Audit Trail, has updated Redirection to version 2.2 primarily to fix a number of problems that had cropped up with the plugin after WordPress 3.0 was released. Redirection is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create redirects within your WordPress site.

Godley describes the update himself on his blog:

There is little visible difference between 2.2 and 2.1.29, but internally there has been a big cleanup. Large amounts of compatibility code has been cleared away, some of it going all the way back to WordPress 2.3. I’ve optimized the database where possible, and hopefully fixed the annoying bug that surfaced when WordPress 3.0 came out (automatically redirecting your home page is not so good!)

Another interesting addition to the plugin is a survey baked straight in (hey, did someone mention a survey?) that collects information on how the Redirection plugin is being used. If you have a second, you can jump straight to Godley’s survey right here and help him out.

You can of course download Redirection for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Do you use, or have you used, the Redirection plugin? Currently WPCandy uses this plugin, for a few redirects here and there. How many links do you redirect with it?