rocketgenius launch Release Candidate 5 for the next version of Gravity Forms


A new release candidate for Gravity Forms 1.6 is out. Release candidates are handy, because they let us know that the public release is right around the corner. This version was made in particular to better Gravity Forms’ compatibility with VaultPress and WordPress 3.3. For the full release notes see the list just after the jump.

The public release of v1.6 will be available once it has gone through beta testing. More information is available on the Gravity Forms blog.

What has your experience with Gravity Forms been like? Are you looking forward to 1.6?

The full RC5 release notes include:

  • Database enhancements to improve VaultPress backup service compatibility
  • Added support for :currency modifier on pricing merge tags
  • Updated tooltip script printing so that only tooltip specific scripts are printed when calling wp_print_scripts();
  • Updated “gform_confirmation_anchor” hook to affect AJAX forms and provide option for AJAX forms that allows you to specify an integer for the scroll position
  • Resolved issue with thick box script on upcoming WordPress 3.3 release
  • Fixed variable conflict causing errors on preview.php and select_columns.php
  • Fixed issue on checkbox merge tag when targeting specific checkbox item

2 thoughts on “rocketgenius launch Release Candidate 5 for the next version of Gravity Forms

  1. Hey there – always a fan of Gravity Form updates since as @Gregory Ciotti says it’s a solid product that gets better and (best of all) you rarely notice it. Updates tend not to break things.

    One thing: you might adjust the link to RocketGenius’ blog – it’s missing a colon after http.

    Cheers and thanks!

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