Puffbox holds their second Word Up for UK central govt


WordCamps are more and more common. Heck, this month there are fifteen camps happening all over the world. Word Ups are a bit more scarce, but they’re still happening.The guys over at Puffbox are holding their Word Up Whitehall II event on November 7.

Why not make it an official WordCamp? Their Word Up is for quite a specific group. The only people allowed to attend are members of the UK central government that already use WordPress or are considering switching to it. Most of the speakers will be government employees sharing their experiences with WordPress, but others such as Peter Westwood, Paul Gibbs and Mike Little are lined up to speak too.

Last year’s Word Up was so popular that all of the tickets for this year’s event sold out in 24 hours. Now that’s pretty impressive.

4 thoughts on “Puffbox holds their second Word Up for UK central govt

    • And to be a little more constructive – sadly I can’t make it this year, but last year’s event was great.

      I’m glad to see the term WordUp gaining some traction as a term for WordPress related gatherings that are fully independent. WordCamp is a fine idea and we sponsor them cheerfully, but the restrictions it places mean that in certain circumstances it’s not a good fit.

  1. Last year’s event was brilliant, can’t believe it was a year ago. Looking forward to finding out what everyone’s been working on!

    Shame you can’t make it David, would have been good to see you.

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