Ptah Dunbar releases WP Framework 0.3 beta at WordCamp MSP


During a presentation at WordCamp Minneapolis-St. Paul this weekend Ptah Dunbar released version 0.3 beta of his WordPress theme framework, WP Framework.

Dunbar explained that the months of development time between version and 0.3 were devoted to finding the right balance between what he calls options-based theme frameworks (like Headway and Genesis) and starter theme frameworks (like Sandbox and Whiteboard).

Among the new features he discussed are:

  • Simple theme option creation
  • Editable theme files (doesn’t require child theme creation)
  • CSS grids built in
  • HTML5 and CSS3 ready
  • Browser and device detection

In the near future, Dunbar said automatic updates would be included. When they are, only the framework files (those within the /framework folder) will be updated, leaving any theme files intact.

The update theme can be download from Dunbar’s site, and documentation can be found at DevPress.

His presentation was called Rapid Theme Development Using a Theme Framework (slides on SlideShare), and was given during the WordCamp’s 401 track. Ptah Dunbar is a core contributor for WordPress, and is a theme and plugin developer at DevPress.

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  1. Showing some comment love for Ptah, a fellow devpress member. I just got back from traveling, wasn’t aware this went down. Congrats to Ptah.

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