Professional WordPress Plugin Development is coming, but will take your money now please


Buying things is fun. It’s really one of the few absolutes we have in this world. Well, next to receiving things for free. Somewhere between the two, on the fun scale, would be buying things before they are available. And you can now do just that for the upcoming Professional WordPress Plugin Development book: it just became available for pre-order on Amazon.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development is an upcoming book being co-authored by Brad Williams, Justin Tadlock and Ozh Richard. The book is scheduled for release on March 22nd, but they will take your money now.

Will you be picking up this new WordPress book ahead of time, or will you be waiting for reviews once it’s released? And if you’re going to wait, how will you protect yourself from all of the spoilers?

12 thoughts on “Professional WordPress Plugin Development is coming, but will take your money now please

  1. I’m looking forward to this book, quite frankly. Not going to drop the money on it right now, but I think it’d be a good resource for any development of plugins I want to produce

  2. I already pre-ordered the book on January 3rd. Without seeing the book I already know it is going to be well worth the $30 I paid for it considering the authors and their massive amount of talent and knowledge.

    I’m not much of a book reader (ok not one at all) but I’m really looking forward to getting the book!

  3. Ryan, thanks for featuring the book. It’s been awesome working with Brad and Ozh. There’s quite a bit of cool stuff for plugin devs of all levels, including zombies.

  4. Great set of authors, I’ll be pre-ordering regardless of how good the book is (after all, I’ve read enough tutorials/articles over time from these guys ). Good luck with the sales…

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