ProBlogger welcomes new design, using Genesis


This week ProBlogger, a very successful blog-about-blogs written by Darren Rowse, announced a redesign built on the Genesis WordPress framework. The new design features a few key features, as described in the redesign post:

  • Threaded comments and commenter Gravatrs (previously not a part of ProBlogger)
  • Prominent promotion of ProBlogger’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • A featured post layout on the home page
  • Full sized videos on single post pages (previously they were smaller)

The redesign brought over 150 comments from visitors, with an overwhelmingly positive response. The new look was designed by StudioPress designer Rofal Tomal.

Genesis also recently became the backbone of the redesign of CopyBlogger as well.

2 thoughts on “ProBlogger welcomes new design, using Genesis

  1. First Copyblogger, and now ProBlogger…Genesis is making some smart moves IMO. I must admit I do miss the dark background that ProBlogger once had…

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