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Jason Schuller, owner of WordPress theme company Press75, is launching a theme marketplace called Theme Garden soon. He has been teasing the project on Twitter the past few weeks.

Theme Garden preview gallery:

Schuller describes the experience for future members on the marketplace:

Once approved, you will be able to publish any theme for sale, set your price, manage theme demos, maintain dedicated support forums and much more. 100% of all your theme sales will be deposited directly into your verified account which is far beyond any similar marketplace has to offer.

Schuller has also mentioned that Plugin Garden will follow as a marketplace for WordPress Plugins.

Theme Garden will be among the first dedicated WordPress theme marketplaces. ThemeForest is well known and similar, although it caters to all types of web templates.

7 thoughts on “Preview the upcoming theme marketplace

  1. Sounds nice, but since most developers put their themes in themeforest, it assumes that we will see the same themes on both places. Time will say

  2. Interesting business plan for sure. Not sure really what’s in it for him either.

    Plus like Maor said, most theme developers are putting their themes on and so he’ll have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Theme Gardens T&Cs are far more attractive than ThemeForests, plus you can sell child themes for frameworks. Seems like a good idea.

  4. The primary difference between and ThemeForest is that theme authors on ThemeGarden will maintain 100% of their sales. With that in mind, I dont see any reason why (if you are a WP theme developer) you would choose an alternative that takes 50% or sometimes more of your sales.

    • Good point! Instead of putting the themes on both platforms, I guess developers ‘ll completely change from ThemeForest to ThemeGarden. In economical terms this would be the most reasonable thing to do. We ‘ll see…

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