PressWork, drag and drop theme framework, launched today at WordCamp Montreal


Brendan Sera-Shriar and C. Bavota announced their latest WordPress theme project today at WordCamp Montreal. It’s called PressWork, and is a free drag and drop WordPress theme framework.

The key features of PressWork appear to be its implementation of HTML5 and CSS3 as well as its full front end design editor. According to the PressWork duo, the goal behind PressWork was to achieve a theme that would be easy for users as well as powerful for developers to work with:

 It was created out of a need for a  framework that catered to all types of users. As developers, we needed it to be powerful enough to allow for complete customization, which is why every element in PressWork can be hooked into. But we also didn’t want to scare away beginners and that’s why we came up with the PressWork front-end toolbox, which gives users the ability to change their site’s layout and design in a live preview environment while taking advantage of all the bells and whistles that WordPress already has to offer.

Check out their demonstration video to get a feel for what this new theme is offering, and follow up on their site if you’re looking to download a copy. If you would like to get really involved, the team has added PressWork to GitHub as well.

PressWork doesn’t stop at a free theme framework download, though. They team also seems to have plans to release paid child themes in the future too.

PressWork launch gallery

C. Bavota and Brendan Ser-Shriar are not new to the WordPress community. Bavota has been blogging about WordPress and making themes for some time now. Ser-Shriar is the Social Media Manager at Vanilla Forums, a team that has supported WordPress in various ways as well.

What do you think of PressWork? Does it stand a chance at picking up users interested in front end editing, as well as developers looking for something worth their time?

11 thoughts on “PressWork, drag and drop theme framework, launched today at WordCamp Montreal

  1. They nicked the name of the blueprint framework for WP that I have been developing for the last few months… I’m off to cry and eat lots of chocolate while I think of a better name 🙁

  2. On the surface it seems like a lot of bells and whistles, and opting to use their own UI instead of adapting from the WP UI will cause some discussion, I’m sure.

    Really anxious to setup a demo and start playing with it and see first hand what all there is to it. It does look promising for sure.

    Thanks for the breaking news!


  3. I think that such a solution as drag and drop will always find its followers but developers still will be at their best tools. Certainly ordinary users and bloggers can be potentially interested in the final product. For now, I do not see why it would be a better solution than the catalyst framework, for example. Well, but wait until I am able to testing this framework.

    • Yes indeed, their mail form is not woirnkg. They are building cool and new functionality for WordPress but don\’t have a woirnkg mail form, kind of funny!

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