PressTrends out of beta Tuesday, releasing plugin for users


George Ortiz presented at WordCamp Birmingham today, and announced that PressTrends will be coming out of closed beta this week on Tuesday. The public launch will also bring the launch of a plugin for WordPress users that will offer statistics and analysis based on information gathered by all sites tracked by PressTrends. PressTrends has been in private beta since November, serving statistics to selected theme authors and shops.

Based on the brief demo Ortiz gave (see the photo below) the upcoming plugin will track a site’s posts, comments, and active plugins. Based on performance, Ortiz said, he hopes that the stats will be able to offer bloggers tips for how to improve the number of comments and success that bloggers see.

Currently PressTrends works with only theme authors and theme companies, but as of the plugin’s release on Tuesday they will begin to gather statistics on how users are using their WordPress sites as well. The example of the plugin that Ortiz demonstrated (pictured just after the jump) showed a breakdown of the number of posts, comments per post, and plugins in use compared to the rest of the tracked PressTrends community.

The PressTrends API, Ortiz said, will also allow theme developers to track custom variables like theme options and shortcode usage, for example. Many themes nowadays will integrate a lot of shortcodes, and using Ortiz theme authors can discover just how many users are actually dropping them into their content.

According to Ortiz, by the end of the day today 5,000 websites will be sending back data to PressTrends. One thousand new sites are sending data to PressTrends each week since the beginning of the year. He said that over 100 themes have integrated PressTrends reporting with their themes from providers like WooThemes, and the Mojo Themes marketplace will be rolling it out to their theme authors soon too.

In addition to themes, plugins will be trackable by PressTrends. Ortiz talked more about this in a blog post published not long after his presentation:

Yup, we’re adding plugin support. We’re really excited about this as this will allow developers to get aggregated insights and how their plugins are performing. Granted, plugins do a wide range of functions, they way those functions are implemented can be aggregated. We’re also including support features that will allow developers to provide better support for users based on new metrics.

For the theme and plugin developers: what kinds of statistics would you like to learn about the way your users are using your themes? Will you be signing up for PressTrends once it comes out of private beta? For the users, what would make you interested in trying out another statistic/analytics plugin?

5 thoughts on “PressTrends out of beta Tuesday, releasing plugin for users

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  2. To answer the last question in the post:

    This is not just a statistics / analytics thing. We’re talking about detailed in depth usage statistics of your themes and sites. The information that would be gathered could be extremely useful in optimizing your theme to suit proven needs of your users/clients.
    I am very much looking forward to the open beta, I’ve signed up for the beta the moment i came across PressTrendsm its a brilliant idea.

    I’ve been playing with some kind of similar thing: I’ve build a wp-site-reporter, and a plugin that reports various data about the site and installed plugins to my site manager. The manager displays a list of all wp sites that have the reporting plugin installed, and shows last admin login, installed plugins and versions, wp version, nr of posts, nr of pages, nr of comments and a few more details.
    I use this to keep track of all the WordPress sites, plugins and versions I run, which there are a lot.

  3. Do the people who generate these statistics (your clients or users) know that they’re giving away so much information?

    Such information can be used for many things and I think that the end user should opt into this and not have this happening automatically.

    • Understandable question, but I manage and maintain all of these sites. Most of them don’t even log in onto their sites, they just send in the changes by mail and let me do the ‘hard’ word. Actually, this is a mandatory thing if they don’t want to maintain (plugin compatibly, updates etc.) the site themselves (which is all of them 🙂 ). So its not that I am selling sites, and just put in the reporter, I am actually the maintainance/manager of these sites.

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