Press75 becomes Press78 (or turns three) this month


Three years ago this month Jason Schuller launched with just three video-centric themes. Now at 25 themes and, according to Schuller, several thousand customers later Press75 has come a long way.

As Schuller explained on his blog, Press75 grew out of his experiment with, where he sold his first Video Flick theme for just $5. He started up WPElements to test out his idea after walking away from his day job in January of 2008. As for the origin of the name Press75? Schuller says:

With that in mind I wanted to create a store front and a brand that was unique, which is how was born. Why “Press75″? The answer is simple… “Press” obviously stands for WordPress and “1975″ was the year that I was born, hence “Press75″.

So how many of you have been following and Schuller’s work since he started? Also, is his story of entrepreneurial success act as encouragement for anyone else?

The photo of the WordPress cake above belongs to Ryan Markel.

6 thoughts on “Press75 becomes Press78 (or turns three) this month

  1. I’ve been following Jason’s work long before he started Press75 – have always loved what he does and how he makes it look. I’m deeply honored to call him a good friend, and wish him another round of well-deserved success!

    • Thanks Brian… much appreciated as always. Having a successful business is great, but all the amazing people and friends (such as yourself) that I have met along the way is the topping on the cake.

  2. I’ve been following him since almost the beginning. I’ve bought and used the TV Elements and Video elements themes on varying projects I’ve worked on over the last few years and have always been happy. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Jason – course, that’s my name too. 🙂

    His success is inspiring to me our my new venture and other entrepreneurial ventures I’ve been a part of. Consistency is key to anything. With consistency, and a quality product, success will follow.

    Congrats Jason!

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