Press75 releases Launch theme


Press75 has released a new theme called Launch. The theme is targeted toward those who are launching a not-quite-ready new website, but who still want to give visitors something to look at in the meantime.

Launch allows users to easily upload custom logo and background images, link to a Twitter account and change font and link colors. The theme also integrates with MailChimp so that potential users can subscribe to be notified of the site’s launch.

A live demo of Launch can be seen here. The theme is available from Press75 for $25.

4 thoughts on “Press75 releases Launch theme

    • Just to play devil’s advocate on this one, I can think of a few reasons:

      1. By paying $25 you’re getting more than a theme, you’re getting support and continued updates on the theme (Press75 has a proven track record, I would argue).
      2. The quality of the theme itself is no doubt better than many free options. There may be exceptions to this, but again Press75 has a proven track record of quality.
      3. Sometimes it just feels right to pay talented people for doing good work.

      Just a few thoughts I have — agree/disagree?

  1. Well, I can only agree with point 1 – support is very important for a paid WordPress theme. But, for $25, you get better designs and functionality/options from ThemeForest themes for example.

    Though it is better than many free ones, there are a couple free themes that are better than this, IMO.

    Again, it’s just my point of view and I’m sure others would disagree.

    • Some people love my themes and some people don’t, and I am totally fine with that because everyone is entitled to their opinion. The world would be pretty boring if everyone in it agreed 100% with everyone else.

      What it really comes down to is what suits your specific needs best. I released the Launch theme because I saw it as something that was missing in my specific suite of themes, and it has been received pretty well so far by my customers.

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