Become a lifer at Press75 and 20% will be donated to charity


press 75 for life

Jason Schuller, of Press75, has created a new lifetime pricing option for his popular Press75 themes. The plan is a one time fee of $400 for unlimited downloads and support for life for all current and future Press75 themes.

The lifetime option is right on the heels of his recent announcement of a new, subscription based pricing model for Press75 themes. As we reported before, the Essentials, Plus, and Extended packages also offer unlimited downloads, but with varying levels of support and subscription lengths. The lifetime option gives loyal customers a handy single-payment option.

When we compare the $400 to the former $75 price tag per theme, the new option pays for itself plus some with six single theme purchases.¬†Another benefit of the new lifetime option is that Schuller will be donating 20% of all revenue to charity. He’ll be choosing a new charity every month to direct the donations to.

Does a lifetime option make you more likely to purchase Press75 themes? Do the donations to charity make you more likely to buy? Let us know in the comments.

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