Presentations from WordCamp Savannah emerge on Slideshare


For those who couldn’t attend WordCamp Savannah, recorded sessions, notes, and presentations online are the available options. Presentations from WordCamp Savannah have emerged over the last week.

Presentations are available online from Mark Jaquith, Andrew Nacin, Andrea Rennick, and others. Links after the jump.

Did we miss any presentations? Are there any write-ups on WordCamp Savannah that are worth checking out? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Presentations from WordCamp Savannah emerge on Slideshare

  1. Daryl Koopersmith’s presentation on jQuery was incredible. Once he was done with the presentation, he revealed the code underneath the presentation — which was, in turn, entirely built in jQuery. I believe he intends to release it as a plugin.

    He also spoke about his Google Summer of Code project, the visual theme editor.

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