Prelovac’s SEO Smart Links plugin is now available, save 10% this week


Vladimir Prelovac, the author of WordPress Plugin Development and blogger at has created a commercial version of his popular SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin, now called SEO Smart Links Premium.

Prelovac explains just what SEO Smart Links does on the sales page:

SEO Smart Links can automatically interlink your content to key pages deeper into the site improving both search engine rankings (by using relevant anchor text in the links) and search engine crawling of your site.

The plugin figures out what keyword phrases it can use to link to corresponding posts, pages, categories, tags (or any other taxonomy) and all happens automatically according to the options you set.

If you want more manual control you can also specify a custom keywords and every time select words or phrases appear on your page, SEO Smart Links will automatically convert them into text links to pages you want.

The new paid plugin is available at $79, $149, and $299 depending on the included features. If you’re going to purchase the plugin this week, use the coupon code “wpctenoff” during checkout to save 10% on the version of the plugin you choose.

The free version of SEO Smart Links will continue to be update for new versions of WordPress, but no new features will be introduced.

View a full video demo of the plugin just after the jump.

Do you use plugins like this to automate certain search engine related tasks on your sites? How many different options have you tried? And have you tried out SEO Smart Links?

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  1. I use Joosts WordPress SEO plugin which I love mostly for being able to tweak the what the title and text snippet will look like in the search engine result.

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