Meet PopPressed, the latest site from Automattic and Federated Media


PopPressed culture site aggregator

PopPressed is a new site from Automattic and Federated Media to aggregate posts from relating to “The freshest in culture.” PopPressed is the third site to pop up (yeah, I said that) in the partnership between the two companies. FoodPress and EcoPressed have both been launched since November of 2010.

The idea behind the site is much the same as FoodPress and EcoPressed. The editor tracks tags and categories to match the content goal of the site, and features excerpts from select articles on PopPressed. They even have a page to let users known how they can get featured.

This looks to be a burgeoning little partnership between Automattic and Federated Media. How do you feel about these type of aggregation sites? What do you think is the next niche these two companies might dive into?

By the way, John Battelle, the founder of Federated Media, is the same John Battelle that recently interviewed Matt Mullenweg at SxSW.

5 thoughts on “Meet PopPressed, the latest site from Automattic and Federated Media

  1. I love it when Matt sticks to his words… here’s a quote from the jetpack launch – “If you’re on WordPress you’re part of the family, it shouldn’t matter if we host you or not.”

    Theirs alot of blogs on their aggregator sites that are not hosted on, i like it.
    i remember a day when only promoted wordpress blogs hosted on 🙂

    Oh, and to answer your question Brian, i cant wait for SportsPress 🙂

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