Pluginize launches, for those who need custom Plugins

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Brad Williams, of Professional WordPress fame, has recently launched a new WordPress consultancy site called Pluginize. Geared toward those without the skills to build WordPress Plugins themselves — but with custom Plugin needs — who are willing to pay for their Plugin to be built.

Brad launched Pluginize in July, to decent praise on Twitter. Prices are currently $100 for Plugin customizations, or tweaks of existing Plugins, and $250 for original Plugins from scratch.

Plugin pricing will fluctuate based on complexity, though. Williams expands on that:

$250 is the starting price and it goes up from there.  It really depends on the functionality needed in the plugin.  A more complex plugin will take longer to developer and thus cost more.  Many times we can just modify an existing plugin to save on development costs.  With over 10,000 plugins in the Plugin Directory there is a plugin for almost any task.

Custom Plugin development also becomes interesting when it comes to licensing and ownership concerns. According to Pluginize, all developed Plugins are licensed under the GPL. We asked whether this implied that created Plugins will be distributed whether the client wishes or not, and Williams said:

Pluginize has the option of releasing the plugin to the public via the Plugin Directory”.  Any publicly released plugin will give proper attribution back to the original client.  If the plugin is very specific to a client’s needs, and not something the public would gain much from, it wouldn’t be released.

    Pluginize offers an affiliate program as well, so it won’t hurt as bad when you tell your clients you aren’t the one who should be building out their custom Plugins.

    WordPress Plugins have become more akin to products lately, with Plugins like Gravity Forms and Backup Buddy pushing quality expectations up higher and higher. Instead of settling for what’s available for free on, more bloggers are interested in what’s the best. Williams said that he created Pluginize because of a gap he saw in the market, and that reception so far has been “amazing”.

    Williams said Pluginize is developing a couple of Plugins right now, and that they will be released soon.

    Brad Williams is the CEO of, and can be followed on Twitter at @williamsba.