PluginBuddy launches EmailBuddy

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PluginBuddy, the commercial WordPress Plugin shop, released EmailBuddy last week. EmailBuddy is an email newsletter solution for WordPress, baked right into the WordPress Dashboard.

EmailBuddy performs the task of collecting email addresses, managing them in groups, and sending out emails (either manually or automated).

EmailBuddy was released only to developer users at PluginBuddy, because according to the website “we think our developer community will be able to fully take advantage (while not abusing) what EmailBuddy can do for their clients.”

PluginBuddy offers other commercial Plugins like BackupBuddy, Mobile, and Billboard. The website is owned by Cory Miller, who also runs a commercial theme company called iThemes.

You can follow PluginBuddy on Twitter @pluginbuddy.