Plugin from StudioPress developer makes changing themes easier

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Nathan Rice, Lead Developer at WordPress theme company StudioPress, released a Plugin this week called SEO Data Transporter.

The Plugin allows users to import and export their SEO data, not only from another theme to Genesis, but vice versa as well. SEO Data Transporter supports StudioPress’ own Genesis as well as competitor themes Builder, Frugal, Headway, Thesis, and WooFramework.

Concerning the Plugin, Rice said:

Although some people might think it good business practice to lock users into using your product by holding their data hostage, we think this is a bad thing, for both our users, and for us as a business.

The bottom line is this … your data should be yours to take to any platform. If that hurts our bottom line, then so be it. It’s the right thing to do.

Of course, we believe in our product. We can’t imagine why anyone would want to move away from Genesis 😉

The Plugin can be downloaded form the WordPress Plugin Directory, and you can follow Nathan Rice on Twitter at @nathanrice.

One thought on “Plugin from StudioPress developer makes changing themes easier

  1. Thanks for providing the information on SEO Data Transporter. This plug in fills an important gap when people are moving from one theme to another or one SEO plug in to another. Re-keying SEO data gets old quickly.

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