WordPress plugin directory goes near-real-time


Just towards the end of the year, Andrew Nacin announced on the WordPress development blog that the WordPress Plugin Directory had been updated to work in near-real-time. Previously there was a fifteen minute lag between the time of committing code and the plugin actually being updated in the directory.

Nacin just made the announcement though. The real mastermind behind the changes was Barry Abrahamson, who is one of the Automattic system wranglers. Barry has been invaluable to the Automattic and WordPress teams, as he has been one of the driving forces behind HyperDB and he’s one of the go-to guys that helps keep WordPress.com humming along.

This is great news for plugin developers as it will help get plugin updates out faster to the users. Great job Barry, thank you!

3 thoughts on “WordPress plugin directory goes near-real-time

  1. I added a new Plugin today on the WP.org repository and it popped up immediately! Was a real pleasant surprise to see commits taking effect so quickly.

  2. sounds great, I hated waiting for an update to go live.

    another note, I dislike they removed the recently updated plugins from the sidebar, now they just list new plugins.

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