Plugin development app PlugGen is coming


David Gwyer of Press Coders is currently working on PlugGen, a plugin development application for Windows. The app will allow plugin developers to quickly and easily generate plugin admin options via a visual design interface.

“Quite often if you wanted to just drop in another CheckBox or two, you definitely thought twice about it! It wasn’t something you could simply add in five minutes… PlugGen sidesteps this scenario nicely as it generates all the Plugin options code automatically for you, via a visual design interface (which matches the WordPress Plugin admin options page). You will be able to save your options so that if you need to tweak them in the future you can do so in seconds.”

Besides the visual design interface, the app will also generate the main plugin file (including header meta) and the readme.txt file. Developers will also be able to specify the hooks/callback functions to be added to the plugin code via dropdown box options.

You can track PlugGen’s development by adding David on Twitter @dgwyer or by following hashtag #PlugGen.

Video of PlugGen in action after the jump.

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