Plugin authors can now add custom header images to their listings


The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed a few tweaks to plugin pages the last twelve hours or so. As it turns out, Matt Mullenweg (who you might have heard of him) announced on the WordPress development blog just moments ago that plugin developers now have control over custom headers on their plugin pages. Plugin pages have also seen small design tweaks to allow custom headers to work in the layout.

To add your own header image to your plugins, follow Matt’s instructions on the dev blog. Images must be 772 by 250 pixel JPEG or PNG files. And no animated GIFs, kids.

Matt gave Hello Dolly as the example, which is pictured above. We’ll keep a running list of the plugins that we spot that have added custom headers. If you see one (or update your own plugin’s page, I suppose) drop a note in the comments so we can check it out.

Super fancy plugin pages we’ve seen so far:

35 thoughts on “Plugin authors can now add custom header images to their listings

  1. I like the update, but can’t help but think that time spent updating the plugin detail page could be spent on really highlighting the plugin Authors, who spend countless hours on free plugins to help WordPress and the Community.

    • It sounds like banners will be monitored for bad stuff, same as anything else. So that shouldn’t become a problem.

      Although, ugliness… yeah, that could probably happen.

    • I’ve taken to using Acorn (Mac) for some image editing, particularly because I’m not going to spring for another copy of Photoshop for my laptop. It’s neat, if you’re a Mac user I’d recommend trying Acorn out.

  2. I just started messing with this a little bit today, took me a few minutes to figure out how to add the assets directory to the SVN, but I got it working eventually. Here is a link to a few more tips everyone may find very helpful that I learned in the process and a link to one of my plugins with the custom header image applied…

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  6. Hi Ryan,

    Just wrote a post about WordPress plugin banners and drilled down into the details about how to get the design to correctly accommodate the plugin name. And I linked back to this post as a reference.

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