PliablePress closes its doors


Michael Martin, founder of PliablePress, announced that they’ve closed their doors. Martin didn’t provide a reason why they are closing their doors, but said:

I’m sorry to say that PliablePress is now closed. If you’ve been with us for a while, this likely comes as little surprise. It’s been a long time since I was able to put a lot of time into our themes, and lately, even the support has suffered badly.

I think that’s the clearest sign that it’s just not fair to keep accepting new signups, so PliablePress is closing down for good now.

Martin has offered up some “lite” support for any users that are having major issues. Additionally, he is refunding anyone that made a purchase in 2012. Lastly, he’s also made all affiliate payments to make right with them.

PliablePress launched in May of 2010 and developed six themes over its lifetime.

It’s always sad to see a WordPress business shut down, but at least he was able to make a clean break and do what he needs to do in life. Martin mentioned in the latter part of the blog post that he’s working on something new, but unrelated to WordPress.

With PliablePress closing down, it brings up a good point that people need to be careful of. When a theme company offers “lifetime upgrades,” that’s for the lifetime of their company, not your lifetime.

10 thoughts on “PliablePress closes its doors

  1. Very sad, but since he’s leaving, why not release the themes for free or let somebody else continue working on his themes? I think his themes are great…

      • Thank you very much for the writeup Jonathan, it was awesome to see. I really wasn’t expecting anyone to pick up on this because it’s been quite a while since I had been updating!

        You’re absolutely right with what you said at the end though, and that’s the part I feel worst about. Not good at all to leave anyone hanging with their site. I think helping with any big issues that break someone’s whole site is about the best I can do at this point though, sadly. 🙁

        Frank – Thank you so much for the complement, that was great to hear! I’m sorry, I couldn’t offer them for free though, purely out of respect for everyone who has paid for them over the two years. It wouldn’t be fair on them.

        Having another developer carry on the project would be awesome though. 🙂

        • Why not offer everything to one of the big theme companies? In exchange for being able to continue selling your themes (either as is, or re-developed with the same design on top of their own framework), they also agree to take on support of your current customer base. You might get some money for your assets and a positive reputation to be doing the right thing in the wake of closing down, they get a wider range of products to sell under their own name, and also a potential new audience for their existing products.

        • Hi Michael – Sorry to hear that you have closed down PliablePress. Maybe I can help out. I run and we are planning to open a club membership for our themes. Perhaps we could add your themes to the club and take over support for your current customers as well.

          Get in touch if you want to talk more. My email is joe @ our domain.

    • However, when i ask a question like whether pliable support wordpress 3.5 and the answer from Max Foundry is “I can’t tell you if any of the PliablePress themes will work with the latest WP or not, as we have not tested them and cannot make any guarantees.”
      so we can’t get any support from them either.

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