Play games? Love WordPress? Check out the games blog


When not entrenched in themes, Plugins, and loops, we all have something we use to decompress. Maybe it’s fishing, or perhaps it’s reading. Or, just maybe it’s killing aliens and taking to online combat in the latest Halo game.

If you play games and love WordPress, check out the as-official-as-it-really-gets games blog on

While you’re at it, drop your XBOX Live gamertag (or other, lesser gaming identifier) into the comments of this post. We WordPress lovers should be gaming together, after all!

3 thoughts on “Play games? Love WordPress? Check out the games blog

  1. I’ll get it rolling: my XBOX Live gamertag is “ryanimel”. That’s also my name on the iPhone GameCenter as well.

    Add me!

  2. My XBL gamertag is ‘iLL Cupcakes’ although I’m at my 100 friends limit :\. You’ll have to send a message if you want to play MW2 or Halo Reach (those are the only two MP games I frequent).. And of course in the upcoming months Black Ops and Medal of Honor 😉

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